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Top 34 Best Patio Fireplace Ideas & Backyard Living Space Design

The timeless fire ambience combined with the natural splendor of the outdoor terrace is really a heavenly game.

While the fireplace is a permanent anchor indoors, it becomes a work of art and an unforgettable tool outdoors all year round.

Thanks to the terrace fireplace, guests can warm up with the crackling flames during cool autumn gatherings and bask in the decadent glow of quiet summer evenings.

A patio fireplace will perfect your patio design thanks to the many materials and styles available. The stucco pattern gives the house a rustic Roman touch, while the round stones and herringbone stone ensure relaxed familiarity in every season and every occasion. White-painted brick and unadorned stone are ideal choices for avid minimalists like a simple linear fireplace. Wherever your outdoor taste falls on the spectrum, the patio fireplace is your chance to leave the ultimate signature in your personally curated living space.

The entire open space welcomes guests all year round with a mixture of comfort and personal nuances that set your space apart from others. Here you can gaze at the stars with a glass of wine that is never empty or laugh with old friends next to a fire that went out long after they left.

These 34 best patio fireplace ideas are more than just another decorative accent piece. They are places where memories are mimicked and where the uncertainty of the outside world is held together with the oldest and most formidable element ever discovered by man.





































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