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20 Most Creative Baby Shower Themes- 2021

Unofficial gifts, treats, games – Most baby showers include certain classic items. But one of the best opportunities to unleash your creativity and add your own personality to the celebration is with a baby shower theme. Whether you’re choosing a specific color scheme, greeting a favorite group, or choosing your favorite vacation destination, your baby shower theme can serve as the basis for party decorations, meals, and activities.

“Baby shower themes are a great way if you want to give your friends and family more specific instructions on what parents may need or what best fits their values,” says Monica Banks, founder and CEO of the site. baby registry. Gugu Guru. “Many would-be parents today don’t want to lose their identity and lifestyle and just want to be defined as ‘parents.’

Banks says there are countless baby shower theme ideas that can reflect your personal interests, and feel free to think outside the box. “I’ve seen travel-themed showers where parents travel frequently and guests are asked to give away items related to making travel with baby easier.”

Also, the themed showers help expectant mothers and fathers to set up their nursery. “For example, if you know that the nursery will have a Disney theme, you can encourage guests to purchase items that match the décor,” says Banks.

Do you need inspiration? We’ve collected 20 creative baby shower theme ideas for boys, girls, and unisex for a day you’ll remember forever.

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