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27 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas- 2020

When I think of rustic kitchens, I dream of illuminating the walls of ships, a lot of glass and a splendid lantern style.

And then there are modern farm kitchens with nice clean lines, solid and very bright colors.
Combining the two styles really works and brings the best of both worlds in one place, especially when it comes to the kitchen, the center of our homes.

I found these 27 modern farm kitchens that play in both rustic and modern styles and it really works!
There is no secret that Joanna and Chip Gaines love the style of the farm, but they know how to marry the kitchen opening and all stainless appliances.
You wouldn’t believe the previous photo of this extraordinary kitchen!

Metal bar stools lend a less rustic touch to the country kitchen and an updated look to the style.
The floor is in a blonde wood shade to give this beautiful and modern rustic style.
Butcher block countertops, a farm sink and swing-style lanterns are currently some of the warm farm-style elements.

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