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30 Living Rooms Adorned with Cowhide Rugs- 2020

An area rug can have a big impact on the appearance of our spaces, especially in the living room. In addition to defining space, it can help you add more beauty. As we all know, the rugs are of different colors, sizes, shapes and materials. When choosing one, you should consider how you use your home and space. We have already shared some tips and I know this will be very useful to you. Since there are many types of rugs, let’s focus on someone with cowhide rugs.

A cowhide rug is made of unbleached natural leather and cow hair. It gives your home a natural feeling, it can be in the bedroom, living room or dining room. Commonly, it comes in a unique shape, but there are also some rectangular in shape. Today I gathered some living rooms with cowhide rugs. Let’s see how designers use it in different interiors.

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