Laundry Room Ideas

45 Most Functional Laundry Room Ideas in Your Home- 2020

Whether you live to wash clothes or your favorite job, we must all do it. These practical storage solutions and decorating tricks will make your laundry room the most peaceful and organized space in your home, even if you work with limited space. Look, laundry day doesn’t seem so bad.

Play the trick of the engineer Bria Hammel to maximize every inch: fill the space of the unused wall with simple tie rods to air dry and keep new items washed before entering the closet. In addition, the baskets with wheels facilitate the transport of the laundry to the washing machine, the dryer and around the house, if necessary.

No laundry? No problem. Transform a piece of furniture by adding additional shelves and rods, then use the back of the doors to hang materials. Add a wallpaper with a bold pattern that will make you happy every time you open the doors for a fun review in this utility space.

The laundry can easily become an unorganized collection point. Collect the cleaning materials, the lint-free roller and the dog collar on the wall so you can easily meet your needs.

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