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56 Ideas To Turn a Small Patio Into a Relaxing Space

With the right furniture and accessories, even the smallest patio can become a cozy and private vacation. Try these ideas to turn your unused patio into an isolated oasis to stretch and entertain.

I returned for a week in the Martina Seasonal Simplicity Summer series! This time we take care of the summer furniture in our open spaces. Verandas, bridges, courtyards … portals! At the end of the post you can find everyone’s great outdoor inspiration, so be sure to visit it. You will definitely want to go out and start decorating!

Today, I wanted to take you on a small tour on the patio in our courtyard. If you missed it, we did a great trick on the patio last summer. We completely ripped out our old wooden patio and put it on a much larger, partially covered deck. With the new design, we have been able to use it much more and I can live here all summer.

The first thing to do when designing the patio area is to decide which features you want to offer. Do you want a place to eat? A place to rest? A place to have fun? If your space is limited, prioritize your needs. You want to think about how often you use an area and choose the areas that will have the greatest impact on your outdoor fun.

Our patio faces east and we love having breakfast here in the morning sun before it gets too hot. When dining, the table is in the shade and is a great place to eat. For easy access from the kitchen, I immediately wanted a table from the patio doors and the round table helps open up a little more space to provide better traffic flow.

We advise you to sit and relax on the veranda, chat with friends or read a book. There is a sofa in the internal area, we went with two large chairs for our small seats. I usually sit at breakfast or rest in the afternoon with a good book or magazine.

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