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Creative van transformations to make adventurous life easier- 2021

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to explore some truly luxurious and unique rides, but VanLife is always on our minds. We spend most of our time on Instagram looking at how other vanlife influencers have designed and implemented their structures.

Here’s the result of our collective first-hand experiences (plus lots of web surfing) – 23 best van clan ideas for any adventure!

Source: @alwayshomebus

Placing the box on its side in the truck (perpendicular to the length of the vehicle) can help maximize your living space, but be sure to get a truck that is wider than its height. “ProMasters is six feet wide on the inside,” says Kaya Lindsay of One Chick Travels. “Sprinter trucks are 5 feet 9 inches wide. If you’re under 5 feet 4 inches, you can sleep on your side with a Chevy Econoline. ”

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First of all, your van ideas must be based on reality. It’s easy to imagine what you can do and how you can live in your adventure van and take it on air flights. But remember that quality of life is important as you will be spending a lot of time in that area!

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A Foldable Bed

This electronic mobile platform is ideal for the best life of our truck, not only because it is incredibly practical, but also great!

Having a hard time deciding between the comfort and convenience of a fixed bed and the idea of having more space to pack it? With a folding bed, you can have both.

There are four pillars on which the base moves up and down; day after day piling into the empty ceiling without using it, then lowering it down at bedtime. The benefits of this are that you can make your bed in the morning, then zoom in, send it out of sight, and offer a lot more space to play throughout the day.

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Intelligent Storage

Storage is essential in any home, but this is especially true of truck life. As this is an alternative lifestyle, you have to be smart with your storage ideas to suit your needs.

There are many different types of storage. Drawers work better than cabinets in a truck as their contents are easier to access and organize. Pockets and bags on the walls of your truck can be a great way to store small items like books and phones, especially in the bedroom area.

Source: @busmearound_th

Solar Panels for Life

If you want to build a true home off the grid, solar panels are a must have on your truck! This is one of the most practical ideas in the life of vans: infinite free energy to charge all your devices on the go.

Being able to extract all the energy you want, completely independent of the camping accessories, will greatly increase the feeling of independence and self-sufficiency. Once you get out in the sun, you never want to go back.

I know what you are thinking: “What will happen when it is not sunny?” First, solar panels don’t need bright sun and clear blue skies to be effective, but they clearly work best in these conditions. Second, it is quite possible to equip your tilted van where it can store solar energy for a rainy day.

Source: @camper_vibe

Or fixed beds

Imagine this; He has had a great day on the road, just finished eating a deliciously cooked meal and is ready to crawl into his warm soft bed.

But he wait, where is the bed? Oh sure, you have to pack it up and put it together and then do it with a sheet, duvet and pillows …

Having a bed outside all the time makes a caravan feel like a place where you can spend a lot of time. Building your bed at the end of each day is not ideal, and anyone in this position would agree that having a fixed bed is a true luxury.

Source: @chandra.rae

Swivel Van Seats

Turning one or both of the front seats into a chair in the van’s seating area means you don’t need to take up any additional space behind your van by building another seating area. The front seats in a caravan are generally more comfortable than the standard row of seats, so it makes sense to use comfort.

Source: @dimitri40075

Table and Chair for Working and Dining

If you plan to spend a lot of time on the road or live in a van full time, a table that you can sit at is one of the ideas of caravan life. Most people use tables every day; Whether eating, working or playing, a table will always work.

Source: @envie.nomade

Double Your Space with a Roof Deck

When you travel in a van, the whole world is your backyard, but sometimes it is nice to have a space that is completely yours. The next part of our list of ideas for living by minibus is a great way to build a patio that goes with you everywhere, if not a garden. That’s right, we’re talking about a super cool roof deck!

Source: @fitetravels

Sofa that turns into a bed

As an alternative to a fixed bed, consider a seating area that transforms into your bed. There are many ways to make this idea come true: slats that slide from a row of seats into a larger bed; a table that falls between two seats to create a bed base; or hinged benches to form the bed.

Source: @framechasers

Garage in the back

One of the biggest incentives for building a fixed bed is the amount of storage space you can open in the back of your truck – a luggage space or ‘garage’.

This garage is a great place to store all of your outdoor gear you may have, be it rock climbing or beach gear. Depending on your setup, you may even have enough space to store some bikes!

Source: @freundship

A Van Friendly stove

Thinking of ways to heat up your next van? Well, don’t miss out on this opportunity to add old-world comfort and romance to your truck build. This is one of those minibus life ideas that is sure to impress your friends. After all, a wood burner in a truck never fails to be an exciting topic of conversation.

Source: @hilabyela

Extend the Menu with Oven

Many vanlifers are used to cooking over the stove, but sometimes there is nothing better than a tray of roasted vegetables and chicken or a simple baked pizza and chips. If you find that you often rely on an oven for cooking and plan to travel long-term in your truck, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t force someone to participate in your transformation.

Source: @lindseyanddannyvanlife

Bunk Bed for Children

If you are traveling with children or in a group, you will probably want more than one bed. The next suggestion on our list of RV living ideas is a smart solution to this problem: bunk beds!

The bunk bed is a great space-saving solution in any home, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t work on a truck. Just make sure they’re strong enough to support a person’s weight and you’re good to go.

Bunk beds are a fun and exciting way to give children their own space even when space is tight. Why not take advantage of that childish performance and make bunk beds a feature? Add colored lights or ‘stars’ under the bed, or an accessory with a ladder and some storage compartments for toys and books.

Source: @minimansions_tinyhome_builders

Imagine a table, but don’t you think you have enough room for one in your truck? So maybe a dropdown table will work.

“Dual Purpose” is a great philosophy for adding more essentials to your truck frame, especially if you have a smaller truck. Your drop down table can double as a closet door or picture frame when secured in place.

Source: @prettylittlefawn

Painted Geometric Flooring

This is a new trend that we are starting to see in the world of truck transformation and we love it!

We especially like that the geometric pattern appears almost three-dimensional; It really grabs attention and gives any conversion an edge. While it still looks great, you can be sure it will be a cheaper alternative to other flooring options.

Source: @the_simple_bus_life

Light Up Your Life With A Skylight

You are not satisfied with the few windows that allow natural light to enter your cottage, so why not turn the entire roof into one window? We’re serious – this is a great feature and provides an even more spectacular view of the starry night sky while lying in bed.

Of course, this is one of the weirdest caravan living ideas, probably because many people wouldn’t be sure how to pull it off. But if you can figure this out, the views will definitely be worth it!

Source: @thearrowanglers

Sleeping Compartments

Are you traveling as a family but want a little more privacy than a caravan usually offers? Then consider integrating bedrooms into your design.

This is one of the most unique minibus living ideas on the market, but it’s a great way to get the whole family on board, especially with older kids. These little compartments mean that everyone feels like they have their own room and give children (and parents!) The appearance of a separate space from one another.

Source: @vanderfulcustom

Another way to put more people to sleep in a van is a bunk bed. Hide a bed on the stairs so you can fold it up before going to bed. Place the family bed in your suspended ceiling.

Source: @vanlife.sagas

Extendable Kitchen for Outdoor Dining

If you live or travel in hot and dry climates all year round, this minibus living idea is a great space saver. Plus, cooking outdoors can be a lot more social than preparing meals in your truck – a huge bonus if you’re traveling in other trucks.

Design your building to slide out of the back or side door of your kitchen, allowing more space in your truck for other things. Also, consider investing in a tilting awning in case it rains. Canopies also double the space of your shelter, making your little house seem bigger than it is.

Source: @ventured_campers

Open Air Shower

Many people wouldn’t dream of living without a full shower, but trust me, showering in your truck is often more of a barrier than a help. With a built-in camper shower, they waste a lot of space in their little house. You also need to be able to transport and store MOST of the water and find a way to heat it.

Adventure in the modern age shouldn’t consist of the constant search for water! But still, it’s nice to be able to take a shower whenever you want. This is where an outdoor shower like Rinsekit comes in.

Source: vanderfulboxer

Rope Surfboard Storage

Our latest idea of caravan life is also one of the simplest; We’ve planned this to show that simplicity is the key to getting how often you really want it.

Attaching your surfboard to the roof of your truck is an innovative way to store your skateboard inside. It’s practical and becomes a great feature of your van, giving it a bohemian beachy vibe. It also means that your board is safely stored inside your truck rather than on the roof, where it can be easily stolen or damaged.




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