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30+ Dreamy Green Bedrooms Ideas- 2020

From the traditional Palm Beach master bath to the cozy Cape Cod kids bedroom, these gorgeous green bedroom designs will leave you green with envy. This versatile color palette can transform almost anything: a property, an apartment in the city or even a mountain chalet.

Like the blue color, it looks peaceful and comfortable in the green bedroom. However, unlike blue, which has a more calm and repressed air, green has a new vitality that raises it a little above the excitement scale. Add a green touch to this natural shade or color your whole bedroom, it is a versatile color that blends with any decorative theme.

A bohemian look mixes various styles, then adds an intense dose of global influences. This bedroom does just that, combining traditional and British colonial furniture with accents from all over the world. And of course, a large, pleasant palm tree in the corner offers the maximum green accent: a living houseplant.

Here is an exotic bedroom, mostly decorated with burnt orange, cream and turquoise, but excited emerald green walls. A tribute to Green’s versatility, you can use these walls as a backdrop for almost any style of decoration or palette.

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