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40 Pink bedrooms that Prove the Best Color Combination

Before you fall in love with a color scheme for the bedroom, you’ll want to see what designers love this unexpected combination: pink and gray. Soft, romantic and relaxing, pink and gray bedrooms create serious dreamlike dream spaces. But they can also be modeled in fresh and sharp forms. Read on, twenty elegant ways to anchor your bedroom in pink and gray according to your style, from modern to bohemian and traditional styles.

Let’s start with a classic. In this bedroom designed by Studio DB, the luxurious gray carpet matches the velvet headboard, while a mirrored bedside table adds a bit of brilliance. The warmth of the light pink leaves and the mirror with golden frame complete things with a touch of contrast.

If you love pink and gray, but don’t want it to look very precious or traditional, take note. The curves of this head, together with warm and deep colors, grind the room and fill it with an angular intensity. The design company Arent & Pyke has softened the room with an unexpected edge with pink linen fabrics and blue-gray walls.

As you decorate a completely white space, keep things interesting by mixing different textures with silent neutral splashes like pink and gray. Here, Leanne Ford painted the exposed brick wall and chose a stone-looking bed frame.

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