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Create an industrial style bedroom with 26 examples

The industrial-style bedrooms have a minimalist and widespread aesthetic that is very elegant and looks beautiful especially in lofts and apartments, but it can look great in your home. The design scheme focuses mainly on the fusion of raw and rough materials with clean and modern furniture and decorations. When designing your space, it should be open and airy, an indication of everything related to industry and manufacturing. There are things to consider when modeling your room for an industrial look like lighting, what to use on walls and floors, furniture and even adding plants. It is generally considered industrially masculine, but a feminine touch can be given by using the right colors and accessories. When choosing your lamps, be sure to stick to the industry by choosing lamps, pendant lamps and chandeliers in black and white or metal. You can use necklaces with open wires and bulbs, but use softer lights to create a darker environment with a relaxing glow.

The most popular wall covering is light brick (can be painted in rough or white), but light concrete or wood veneer also works well. You can also add a focal point to the space with large images. The walls of the features should either be painted in deep, rich tones, or you can be bolder and more dramatic by painting a black wall. The ceilings can be covered in wood, you can have open beams, wires, ropes and paintable channels, you want to further improve the effect. The floors must be covered with wood or polished concrete, if you want to add a little heat under the foot, add a carpet.

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